Greetings, and peace be upon you in the name of the Most High's Anointed One!

"Welcome to the religious fellowship and Ministry of Ambassadors of His Anointed One. It is the deeply held and sincere religious belief of this Ministry that we are a First Amendment, not-for-profit, unincorporated, unregistered, non-privileged, non-denominational religious fellowship and Ministry as detailed in the written Word of God and delivered by The WORD himself to His people. Ambassadors deliver the message of The King of kings and Lord of lords unto His bond servants and people. Ambassadors do not to deliver a message of the servants.

The Message is to honor, to love, and to obey our Lord and Creator God by teaching, reading, learning, and obeying His Holy Law and His WORD, putting Him first, loving our neighbor as ourselves and helping all to understand the establishment and jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of the Father, the Kingdom of the Son, the Kingdom of Righteousness operating right in front of every believer and hearer on the earth and in the world, yesterday, today and for eternity.

[This is a private system and is NOT subject to monitoring]